Saturday, December 3, 2011


Final Reflection: What are your "key learnings" from this course and how will you apply them in your work? What could we do to improve the course going forward?

I have mostly learned to be a little tiny bit less afraid of technology. I often (most of the time, actually) feel inept with technology, but I am willing to try, and I am learning and improving all the time. So, now I've created my first podcast, had a face to face conversation via my computer and used Excel. I have often used Word and Powerpoint, but rarely ever included any bells and whistles in the Powerpoint, so that was fairly revolutionary for me, too. I feel blessed to have been in this class because I learned so much.

And of course I will use this knowledge to benefit my students. I have already established Edmodo sites for my classes and we are using them to keep everyone up to date and on track. I have posted many handouts so that students can download the second, third or fourth copy after losing the first (and I don't have to make more!) As I learn more, I know that our website will be more and more useful for everyone.

Suggestions for making the class better....I have greatly enjoyed it as is--a good mix of projects, discussion, reflections, and the lovely times we were all able to be together in the same place. The only thing I can think of to add would perhaps be for us to Skype each other after we had our "conversation" with the professor. I also think that maybe trying out the flip cameras in some way would be fun. Who knows, maybe we could create a "movie" in which each of us creates a five minute portion of the whole. Planning it an putting it together could be a blast.

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