Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lit Review 12

Title: Making a difference: motivating gifted student who are not achieving
Authors: Del Siegle and Betsy McCoach
Purpose: to explore the reasons why gifted students do not achieve and to suggest strategies to help them achieve
Methology: review of the literature--authors address self efficacy and self regulation
Authors' conclusions/implications:
There are four reasons for underachievement:
1) underlying physical, cognitive, or emotional issues
2) a mismatch between the student and the school environment
3) attitudes about themselves and their schooling
4) lack of self-regulation and study skills

Strategies for teachers to help underachiving gifted students:
explain the purpose for lessons and assignments
help students set short and long-term academic goals
help students see the long term benefits of classroom activities
invite community members into the classroom--connect learning to the "real world"
make personal connections with students--learning about their interests, integrate those into instruction
offer authentic choices for students to demonstrate mastery
present challenging material that students can master with effort
build in immediate feedback
treat students as if they are enthusiastic learners
keep a portfolio of work, observe and celebrate improvement
Give feedback--compliments--recognize achievement/attribute it to the development of the student
Teach study skills and time management
provide detailed assignment instructions and evalution rubrics
divide large tasks into smaller steps.

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