Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lit Review 7

Title: Gifted achievers and underachievers: A comparison of patterns found in school files
Authors: Nicholas Colangelo and Jean Sunde Peterson
Authors' Purpose for writing: To discover why some students underachieve and make recommendations for intervention

Authors' methodology: study of information contained in school cumulative record files of 153 gifted students
Who: 153 gifted students
What data is being collected: information on gender, attendance, coursework, grades, test scores (including ACT scores)

Authors' discoveries/conclusions:
underachievement defined as a discrepancy between expected and actual performance

changes in attendance and tardiness may be among the first signs of underachievement--achievers and underachievers differed significantly in average attendance

50 percent of gifted boys underachieve
25 percent of gifted girls underachieve

Junior high is the time of greatest vulnerability--particularly grade 7

another tip-off for underachievement is course selection--achievers choose more demanding electives.

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