Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lit Review 8

Title: Underachievement among gifted students of color: Implications for educators
Authors: Donna Y. Ford, H. Richard Milner, and James L. Moore

Authors' Purpose for Writing: concern that gifted children of color are less often identified and often feel that they don't belong in gifted classes

Authors' Methodolgy: Interviews with gifted students of color--in several states, over several school years

Authors' conclusions/implications:
Educators should not only be concerned with challenging gifted students cognitively and academically, but should also focus their attention on students' identity, friends, belonging, and safety
Educators must address needs based on race, gender and socioeconomic stauts
Educators must ask "how does a student's culture affect his or her achievement?"
"How do a student's social needs affect his or her achievement?"
"How do psychological needs affect the achievement of gifted students of color?"

Educators must learn about various cultural characteristics--use these cultural learning styles to help students learn. Modify teaching styles to accommodate different cultural styles.

research shows that teachers who understand and integrate different cultural needs and styles into the curriculum enhance student achievement. Integrate not only heritage and learning, styles, but make the curriculum relevant

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