Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lit Review 14

Title: From at risk to at promise: Developing scholar identities among black males
Author: Gilman W. Whiting
Purpose: black males and females are consistently underrepresented in gifted program. Black males are not succeeding in school settings. The Scholar Identity Model presented here offers suggestions for prevention and intervention strategies.

Methodology: review of the literature, suggestions for interventions

Black males rank highest in numbers of dropouts, suspended, expelled, kicked out students
They score poorly on tests, have low GPAs, high rates of referrals and placement in special ed. They are underrepresented in gifted education.
How to solve these problems?
Mentors play a central role in the lives of gifted black students--Role Models
Organizations like: Boys and Girls Clubs, National Urban League, YMCA can play a big role
Black male adolescents also need exposure to college settings, including the Ivy League, historically black institutions, vocational internships...
They need counseling experiences where they can discuss concerns and needs, particularly multicultural counseling opportunities
Other suggestions: career days, motivational speakers, multicultural academic content--minority students will become more motivated and engaged when they see themselves affirmed in the materials and content
They need community outreach and service opportunities

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