Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Farfallina and Marcel-Reaction

One of my dearest friends moved to Virginia in 1992. I still keep in touch with her, but it's just not the same as when she lived in my neighborhood. I only talk with her every few months and though we try to keep up, it's never going to be as good as seeing her weekly or daily. Still, I don't want to lose her completely and on the infrequent occasions when I do get to visit her, we have a wonderful time. I last went to see her in 2002 and I would really like to go again, soon. Perhaps this will prompt me to take a trip to Virginia this year. I want to sit and visit with Signe again.

How can I describe Signe? She has eight children, yet is still tiny and petite (unlike me with only three kids). She loves to travel (we went to Paris together in 2002) and she has a new husband that I've never met. She is one of the kindest and most generous people that I know. She never says unkind things about people and always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. When our kids were small, we traded babysitting and she really helped me when I was trying to finish my bachelor's degree. She gives of her time so willingly. She is blonde and pretty and so, so smart. I love talking with her because I always learn new things. We enjoy many of the same things, great literature, history, new places, travel. My mom loves her too because she loves birding. We are of the same faith, so our beliefs and values are the same. We have the same commitment to God and to family. She is more patient than I, but I'm working on it. Having eight children would probably be a great workshop for learning patience. One of our outings was to Mount Vernon and we both marveled at the beauty of George and Martha Washington's home. I am a big fan of both Washingtons, they were truly great Americans, and Signe and I talked at length about their superb legacy and example. We also ate dinner at a tavern in Alexandria where Washington frequently visited.

In Paris, because I can speak French, I was kind of the guide for Signe and her sister, Wendy. We walked all over the city and had a wonderful, wonderful time in the Louvre, the Musee D'Orsay, and just on the streets of the city. We ate delicious food, reveled in the beauties of the city, climbed the stairs of great monuments, looked out on the Champs Elysees from the Arche de Triomple, and just enjoyed being together. I would love to travel with her again and hope to see her very soon.

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