Monday, July 30, 2007

Lit Review 1

Title: Resilience and Coping: Implications for Gifted Children and Youth at Risk
Author: Margie K. Kitano, Rena B. Lewis
Author's purpose for writing: to propose specific strategies for enhancing outcomes for gifted children and youth at risk for encountering adversity
Author's methodology-Case studies involving in-depth interviews
Who is being studied: gifted children, particularly those at risk
What the author discovered or conclusions/implications:
Interventions appropriate for gifted students placed at risk include
1) enhance connectivity--a strong, meaningful relationship with a significant, positive other; teachers can fill this role in the classroom and can help with projects that increase opportunities for teamwork, a sense of community, and respect
2) encourage a sense of self-efficacy and agency--provide opportunities for students to take responsibility and make decisions and learn from their successes and failures. Encourage students to solve real-life problems, develop and pursue hobbies and interests.
3) encourage optimism
4) teach directly and indirectly a range of coping strategies and coach implementation
5) validate children's experience with bias
6) support pride in heritage--strengthen ethnic identities

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