Monday, July 16, 2007

Reading Response 7-16

The idea of teachers as the best people to help teach each other intrigues me. I am learning a lot from everyone in class. I also like the idea of a learning community, rather than simply a class. This is what I want to work toward with my students this year.The idea of allowing students to express their opinions, even when repugnant to everyone else in the classroom is a difficult one in a high school setting. I'm not sure how far I would feel comfortable going with this -- indeed even how far I would be allowed to tolerate ideas that are so far out of the mainstream. High schools are funny places these days and some speech is probably not going to be tolerated. I don't really know what I would do with a student like this one. I need to think about that.To truly immerse students in literacy, they need lots of modeling and they need lots of time. School doesn't naturally lend itself to slow, time-intensive processes, and we need to allow students the time to practice and to grow.

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