Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lit Review 2

Title: Empowering adolescents as servant leaders
Author: Tim Grothaus
Author's purpose for writing: to explain the results of a study involving at-risk, gifted youth who participated in a seven month, comprehensive leadership training program

Author's methodology: case studies, interviews with students participating in the leadership training program

Who is being studied: at-risk, gifted youth

Over what length of time: seven months

What data is collected: interviews with the participants

What the author discovered; conclusions/implications: adolescent self esteem and resilience increase when they engae in meaningful, positive contributions to the community

This program involved students:
engaging in a significant new helping role
balancing experiences with guided reflection
combining support with developmentally appropriate challenges
ensuring continuity in the experience--they have to commit to at least six months in the program

Each team chooses a meaningful project that engages them in community stewardship. Projects included work in such areas as: drug and violence prevention programs, environmental cleanup efforts, justice system reform, and neighborhood enhancement.

Mentors work closely with all participants and at the conclusion, each group makes a presentation to the sponsoring community organizations.

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