Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inside Out-Comments for Chapters 1, 2, and 3

I want to develop my own list of beliefs about writing. I believe that this will be a work in progress as I read through the entire book and reflect upon my own writing experiences. However, I will adopt the following:
My primary role is not to teach writing but to coach writing practice
As a teacher, I am a writer and will write with my students
I rely on students to help each other, to give feedback and support each other's efforts
I will build in time for writing
I will use excellent writing examples as models
Everyone can write, it is a craft that can be learned
I will offer students guidance on many ways to "get started, get it down, get it right, and check it out.
I will remember that there are as many ways to go through the writing process are their are writers.
I will work to build a writing-friendly environment in my classroom and adopt some of the activities outlined in chapter three to help build a supportive learning community.

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Janelle said...

I loved this method of responding. I think it is so important for you to have a list of what teaching writing means to you. It would be interesting to see what a student may add or delete from th list. I also wonder what a list of what it means to be a writer would look like from students...